• A Guide to A Guide: Newsvine Support

    Newsvine's current Help section is one of the oldest pages on Newsvine. When the new site is launched, it'll be replaced by  support.newsvine.com.

    Newsvine Support's a big improvement on our customer service solution. Actually, our 'customer service solution' before was mostly Newsviners teaching each other how Newsvine worked, and staff replying to emails individually. If you visit the site, you'll automatically create an account and be able to create private or public discussions with staff and fellow users.

    It's pretty. Take a look around.

    With Newsvine Support, we're going to maintain and update a thorough and helpful Knowledge Base - a FAQ, basically - and have lots of discussions about Newsvine.

    We also hope that a lot of the meta discussions there can turn into features.

    The site's currently called 'Newsvine Beta Support', and the available content reflects that: some of these articles won't make a lot of sense if you don't have access to the Beta. We're looking forward to removing the 'Beta' qualifier soon.

  • Welcome to the New Newsvine Blog

    Newsvine is changing. We're in Beta and nearing the biggest change in the history of the site. We've got a new support section. Now we've got a new blog.

    We're starting this blog nearly from scratch because in refreshing the site, we want to renew our commitment to making Newsvine the best news discussion site possible.

    One of the most important parts of fulfilling that commitment is improving communication to the people who make Newsvine's success possible:

    Newsviners. Our users.

    This version of Newsvine Blog doesn't have much content as of this writing - but from the developers to the moderators, we're going to fill it up. There will be features to explain, issues to discuss, and a whole new site to help with.