You Can Now Block Nations On Newsvine

One of the features that we've heard repeated requests for in Support was the ability to block Nations. Now, we get feature requests all the time that aren't great or feasible ideas. This one, however, kept coming up -- and looking better and better as authors' frustration with certain Nations spilled over into bad discussions.

Newsviners who seed and especially those who write articles are crucial to Newsvine. Seeders and authors provide the fertile ground for our discussions to grow. To continue the gardening simile, we figured we'd give people who post content to their column a new tool. This feature will allow for more control of Viners' columns - and we hope it serves to build more confidence for seeders and authors.

A quick overview: you'll be able to block any Nation that's begun a discussion on a piece of content in your column. We only suggest you do this if the Nation's violating the Code of Honor, but hey: your column, your control. If a Newsviner tries to begin a discussion in a Blocked Nation on a seed, they'll be given the option to re-seed it.

Here are three Support articles further explaining how Nation blocking works:

Can I block a Nation that I don't want commenting on my content?

I tried to begin a discussion in one of my Nations and it's not available. Why?

How do I unblock a Nation?

A huge thanks to Todd and Luke for building and designing this feature, respectively.

If you have feedback or questions, please read this article and leave them there. We'll probably make more Support articles from there!